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Information for photographers

We. Love. Film. was started to support the analog photography community - with a photography website entirely dedicated to film photography.

You can search photos by photographer, film, camera, developer, lens info and so on. Filmphotonetwork users can follow photographers, select favorites, post photo comments and create albums. And they can stay up to date with a personalized feed showing the most recent work from their favorite photographers. is not commercial - you can join, upload and participate free of charge.

As a photographer,

  1. you have your own profile page that you can configure and personalize (for more info: Profile page help),
  2. you have access to statistics regarding photo views, likes, comments, followers and so on,
  3. people can contact you about your work and/or to commission you via your profile page - without making your e-mail address visible on this website,
  4. you can sell prints of your work,
  5. You can upload your photos with the built-in HTTP uploader and/or with FTP. For more information about the process: Upload help.
  6. You can create and share albums of your work

You don't have to be a professional photographer, is for all passionate film photographers.

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Your work

You own the copyright to all the photos that you upload. Filmphotonetwork will never use your photography/files outside of this website without your explicit consent. We may share your work (with credit) on our Instagram account.

Future developments

We are continuously working on several new functions and improvements. For an overview of changes we already made, have a look at our overview of updates.
If you want to brain storm about ideas to make better, you are invited to join our Facebook group:

If photographers are interested, we will consider making a separate website where you can licence (sell) your photography for editorial and/or commercial use. If you think you'd be interested in this, then upload your photos in high resolution so that you will be able to sell your work online.


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