Profile page help

What's in here...

This page explains how to

  1. upload a profile and cover photo
  2. change your profile page
  3. offer prints for sale
  4. create a personal handle (e.g. www.filmphotonetwork/@myname)
  5. work with photo likes and comments
  6. view your stats
There's a separate page that explains how your can make and show albums on your profile page. More information: Albums help.

Access to your profile page

If logged in, you'll have a small toolbar at the top of the page. Note that your toolbar may not be visible if you have hidden it before. In that case, you can make the toolbar visible again via the My Account page. In your toolbar, hover over Menu and then click My profile.
Alternatively you can find yourself in the Photographers overview and then click on your avatar to go to your profile page. Your page also has a unique web address which is described further down this page.

Changing your profile and cover photos

To change your profile photo (or avatar), hover over it to make the "Change" link appear and click on it. A file dialog will open. Select one of your jpeg or png files. The recommended size is 165 pixels. You can upload larger files, these will be scaled down automatically.

Changing your cover photo works the same as above, but the file that you need to upload must be a jpeg file of at least 1200 pixels wide. 1600 pixels wde is best but larger files can be uploaded too. It's recommended to use a photo that scales well, i.e. one that looks good on both phones and desktops. If you want to change how your cover is aligned i.e. which part of your photo remains in the visible area, then read below (Edit your profile).

Example of a profile page

Edit your profile

At the top left of your profile page, click on "Edit profile" to open the profile dialog.

Note that your profile information and links remain hidden until you have uploaded one or more photos

Your bio

The profile page has a text box where you can write about yourself. This text will appear underneath your cover photo in the "About" section of your page.


Let people know where you're based, for example "Amsterdam, The Netherlands". This is especially useful if you are available for shoots and/or commissioned work.

Link your social media accounts

You can enter the url's (web addresses) to your website, Instagram, Linkedin and/or Facebook page. For the ones that you are using, a large social media icon will appear on your profile page so that people can go to those pages with a single click.


If you want, you can select what you're good at by dragging specialisations from the red outlined box to the green outlined box. Your specialisations will then show on your page. Again, useful if you are available for commissioned work, model shoots and so on.

The "Contact me" setting

With this option enabled, website users can contact you via the website without seeing your e-mail address. Messages will be sent to the e-mail address that you have provided when you registered (go to My Account to check or change your details).

Selling prints of your work

If you want to be contacted by website users who are interested in buying a print from you, then enable this setting on your profile. With this option enabled, a "Buy a print" button will appear on the pages that show larger versions of your photos - those appear when someone clicks on one of your photo thumbnails. Potential buyers will be presented with a form and the information they fill out is sent to your e-mail address. The actual process of selling/pricing and fulfillment is something that you'll take care of yourself. If photographers are interested, we may offer print services directly via in a future version. So if this is something you'd like, let us know.

The "Tearsheets" setting

Your profile page can display photos that you upload directly to your profile page. Tearsheets can be anything, but were originally intended to showcase published work - hence the name "tearsheet", a page torn from a magazine or other publication. It's important to note that the tearsheet files are not part of the photo database. Those files are stored separately and will show on your profile page only. If you have enabled this option, your profile page will display additional buttons (next to the "edit profile" button) that let you upload and remove tearsheet files.

Showing your latest uploads on your profile page

To show your latest files on your page, enable the "Latest uploads" option.

Your handle

Your profile page is directly accessible - so you can send it or share it too if you want. Just look at the url in your browser's address bar or use the Share button underneath your cover photo. You can also create a so-called "handle". With this handle - your page can be accessed with a shorter url. For example if your handle is "kodakshooter", your profile page can be accessed via

How to change the vertical alignment of your cover photo

The middle part of your cover photo will remain in the visible area. Resize your browser to see how your cover photo will look on different screen sizes. If your photo looks better with either the top or bottom part visible always, then select the "Cover" radio button that best suits your needs.

Viewing your statistics

On the top left of your profile page, click on the "statistics" button. You'll be taken to a page with information about the number of profile views, your followers, the number of larger photo views, the number of files in the database and so on. For a detailed overview of the files that were viewed larger, click on the "Previews" button at the top of the page.
To review who liked (click on the star icon to like a photo) and/or commented on your photos, click on the links in the "Profile views" section of your statistics page.

Photo "likes" and "comments"

Likes and comments on your photos will appear in your notifications. For an overview, click on "Notifications" in the "My account" menu of the website. You can click on a notification to display the larger photo page. This information is made available via your page statistics too - which is described above.

Replying and/or removing comments

To reply to a photo comment, hover over it to make the Reply icon appear. Click on it for a reply dialog. Comments that you made yourself, and comments that were posted on your photos can be removed by you. Hover over a comment to display the bin icon - then click on it to remove the comment. This website is intended for a friendly and supportive community, if you come across inappropriate comments or content then do reach out.

E-mail notifications

You will receive notifications by e-mail if there are new likes or comments on your photos that you did not already see. There's a separate notification to inform you about new uploads from photographers that you follow. This e-mail is sent no more than twice per week. All or specific notification e-mails can be disabled at the bottom of the My account page.


For help with making and showing albums on your profile page, please go here: Albums help.

Upload help

If you need help uploading your photos to the database, then go to the Upload help page.