Upload help

Access to the upload page

If you are logged in with your contributor account, there's a small toolbar at the top of the page. Note that you can drag the toolbar to any position on the screen, so it may not be at the top if you logged in before. If the toolbar isn't showing then go to the My account submenu and click on the "Toolbar" menu item. In the toolbar, hover over Menu and in the drop down click on "Upload files".

Uploading files

A few rules, reminders and suggestions

  1. You must own the rights to the photos that you upload.
  2. The photos and copyright are and remain yours. We take no ownership, your photos simply become part of our photo database for searching and displaying.
  3. You can upload jpg files only. Please use file names without diacritics or other characters that can cause compatibility problems.
  4. Photos must have been taken with an analog camera.
  5. Your photos may not break any laws.
  6. Upload files without watermarks only.
  7. If your photo contains nudity or is otherwise not suitable for all audiences, then select the radio button "contains nudity or is NFSW".
  8. The minimum size is 1280 pixels on the longest side.
  9. If the community is interested, we may launch a separate website where photo buyers can buy a licence for personal, commercial or editorial use. If you'd like to be able to licence your photos later, then upload high res files.

Example of the photo uploader page

Automatic metadata

The upload page supports embedded metadata, i.e. data that is saved in your photos by programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Fotostation or other IPTC/XMP compatible programs. Available metadata (for example the title, caption and keywords) is automatically extracted and displayed in the appropriate fields.


Drag your files to the dashed box at the top of the page and wait for your files to process. If you are uploading many files or large files, this may take some time. Once your files are processed, you can enter the file details for each photo. Each photo requires the following;

  1. a title
  2. category
  3. camera used
  4. film stock
  5. film format
  6. developer
  7. scan
Other fields (such as lens info, caption, keywords and so on) are optional. The fields camera, film, format, developer and scan lets you select from predefined lists.
If your option is not in the list, then please tell us so that we can add e.g. your camera, film et cetera to the system.


Add keywords to make your photo searchable. Separate words with commas. Note that you don't have to add camera, film and so on to the keywords as these are automatically added as keywords from the options in the drop down boxes that you have selected.

Copying photo details to uploads

If you upload several files with the same information, then enter all the details for the first photo and when that's done, click on "All files" underneath your photo. It is also possible to copy all the details to only the photos that you selected with the checkboxes. To do that, click the "Selected files" button instead.

Data templates

You can save the data that you have entered as a template too, so that you can automatically apply the information the next time you are uploading files. You can create several templates, e.g. one for each camera, lens combination that you use. You can apply the data from multiple saved templates at once. For example a template with data about your camera and lens, a template with data about your scanning set up and template with data about your location. Simply tick the boxes in front of your saved templates and click Apply.

Larger views

If you want to see your photo larger when you are entering information about it, click on the thumbnail for a larger view. The larger photo view also lets you change your data. You can copy the data too. The copied data can then be applied to the next photo. Moving to the next photo automatically applies your changes.

Other keywording functions

You can add keywords from files that you have uploaded before, and you can add multiple keywords to many (selected) files at once with the "Append keywords" button in the toolbar at the top. To copy keywords from similar photos already in the database, click the button next to the keywords field. In the dialog that will open, enter a search word to load matching files. Hover over the thumbnails to see the keywords. You can then click on one or more keywords, or you can click on the thumbnail to copy all keywords.

Submitting your files

When you are done describing your photos, scroll down to the bottom and select the radio button "submit ALL the files on this page to the database". Then click Submit. Your changes are posted and the files are submitted to the processing server. It may take several minutes for your files to appear online.

You can also save your changes without submitting your photos. To do this, select the radio button "keep the files in my holding area so that I can make further changes later" and click Submit. You can leave the upload page and return to it to find the photos there until you either remove or submit the photos.

Uploading with FTP software

You can also upload your photos with FTP software. Click the FTP button in the toolbar of the uploader page to create an account. Note that you will still have to use the uploader page to describe and submit your photos to the database.

Changing the data once your files are online

It is possible to make changes to your photo details. To edit a single photo, search for it and click on the thumbnail for a larger view. Then click on "File" in your contributor toolbar. This will open the "metadata dialog". You can also update many files at once with the "Batch function" (also available in your toolbar).

Deleting files

Find the photo that you want to remove and and click on the thumbnail for a larger view. Then hover over "File" in your contributor toolbar, and click on "Remove file" in the submenu.

Profile page help

If you need help with your profile page, then go to the Profile help page.