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A very nice black and white sheet film comparison on a great website by Jose Esteve.

This is a shop website, but there's a nice article with step-by-step instructions for developing black & white film

If you develop your own film, then check out with hundreds of recipes and example photos.

The Big Film Database

Find information about almost any film (new and old) by name, code or DX number.

Alex Burke - color negative conversion

Alex Burke is a fantastic photographer, a visit to his website is highly recommended. This particular link is to a page on his blog where he explains how to convert a color negative with just Photoshop, i.e. without additional plugins or other software. It's very informative:
Alex Burke - color negative conversion

Sasha Krasnov

If you own a Pentax 67, here's a great website with detailed information - based on first-hand experience - about many Pentax 67 lenses, extension tubes and other accessories. Sasha also has a very nice blog with other articles re shooting and developing film.
Sasha Krasnov Pentax 67 lenses and more

Japan Camera Hunter

Website by Bellamy Hunt - AKA Japancamerahunter - with loads of articles about film camera's, film stock and shooting tips.


Artist interviews, articles, shooting and developing tutorials for both beginners and advanced shooters.

Casual Photophile

"Casual Photophile is an entertaining and easily understood resource for photo geeks that explores the history and continued use of vintage cameras, as well as the newest technology and trends in photography. In-depth retrospectives, original stories, camera and lens reviews, and unmatched editorial curation tell you why the camera matters."

I Still Shoot Film

Home to a thriving community of film lovers, I Still Shoot Film features inspiring photos from photographers across the globe. ISSF also provides a wide array of learning resources, including how-to articles and product reviews.

Film Shooters Collective

An inspirational website with members using traditional film, classic and modern cameras, and or alternative processes.


A space for film photographers of all ages and backgrounds to share their knowledge, experience and thoughts about everything related to film photography.

The Film Photography Project

Online Resource for Film Shooters Worldwide.


Reviews, thoughts & experiences with 35mm compact cameras, rangefinders & lenses. From vintage manual focus cameras to auto focus point and shoots and everything in between.

Analogue Wonderland

Blog with regular updates about film stocks, new products and store news.


One of the nicer websites on the subject. Website by Vincent Moschetti, a Frenchy travelling the world with his film cameras (his words).